Looking for cloud streaming media solution?

We provide all in one cloud solution service for media streaming
that will help your business stand out.

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Who We Are

We are a startup that born to provide media streaming solution.

The VOD time is here and it is too expensive to get a custom solution for streaming, transcoding and all of that is a mess, but don't worry, here is where we come! to make your life easier and your bussines grow up without thinking about how to do a good VOD.

What We Do

We have everything you need to launch and grow a successful VOD business.

We provide you a media manager platform to upload your media an transcode it on the fly.
Edit your content, create and customize your own player with your brand colors and logo.

Media Manager

Manage your media, manage players, manage users


Trancode your videos on the fly!
Get qualities compatible for all device


We provide you an API for custom integrations. Upload videos, list categories, list last content and more..

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